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In order to meet the legal requirements, we give the following reference: The magnetic field therapy is scientifically disputed and by the conventional medicine it is not recognized.


The big difference!

In constrast to all other instruments on the market, the MEDISEND® super III generates the following harmonic oscillations:

Schumann frequencies - YANG signal:
Inherent resonance of the earth´s surface / ionosphere system

Geomagnetic frequencies - YIN signal:
Modulation of the earth´s magnetic field with the inherent frequencies of the 64 trace elements

Solar frequencies:
FM frequencies corresponding to natiral sunlight

Unique in the world!
And look out for the arrows symbol!

Only in the magnetic field instruments developed by W. Ludwig® of the Institute for Biophysikcs in Tauberbischofsheim (Germany), generate the electromagnetic biofield which is a copy of the one in the undisturbed nature and in the correct realtion (YIN-YANG equilibrium).

The frequency spectrum of the essential 64 trace elements is generated by a unique world-wide process. You can identify the original by the arrow symbol, an internationally-protected trade-mark and seal of quality.

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