The hand-held device METRONOM C has a storage space where digital bioinformation (BIOWAVEs) can be stored as single or complex remedy.

METRONOM C can be used for individual application at home. It has five selectable programs of different magnetic field frequencies. Each of the programs can transfer the stored information of the (multiple) BIOWAVE.

If you still have questions and need more information about using the METRONOM C, please read more in the menu item METRONOM C for its characteristics and use.

In order to use the METRONOM C with the AMScomsystem software, it is necessary to connect one of the following C-generation devices:

  • MEDISEND®super III
  • MEDISEND®super C

A connection of the METRONOM C device to the computer with the AMScomsystem software without one of the mentioned devices is not possible.

Some therapists who use a large device with the AMScomsystem for their practice have one or more METRONOM C devices that they rent or lend to their patients for home use.

If you work in your practice with a MEDISEND®super C or MEDISEND®super III in combination with the AMScomsystem, you can store the BIOWAVEs that you have used for the application as a multiple BIOWAVE onto a METRONOM C and give it to your patient for the daily home use.

Some patients even have their own METRONOM C and take it to their therapist to have currently suitable BIOWAVEs stored on it.

Of course, you can also use the METRONOM C for yourself and store your own BIOWAVE mixture on it. It is small and handy and easy to carry around.

To store a single or complex (multiple) BIOWAVE onto the METRONOM C, it has to be connected to a large device combined with the AMScomsystem.

Below some screenshots give you an insight into the storage process of a BIOWAVE on the METRONOM C. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

The METRONOM C can be connected to a MEDISEND®super C/III or a WAVE TRANSFER C. From the start screen, select the BIOWAVE-Manager.

In this screen, select the BIOWAVE you want to save. It may be a single remedy (e.g. a homeopathic remedy) or a so-called multiple BIOWAVE. The multiple BIOWAVE is a complex remedy, which you have previously compiled with several single remedies.

In this screen, you save the selected (multiple) BIOWAVE to the METRONOM C.

When you save a new (multiple) BIOWAVE on the METRONOM C, the previous information gets automatically deleted and overwritten.

Usage with the METRONOM C
You can optionally transfer the stored information with the selected program/frequency of the METRONOM C device by pressing the green WAVE button.

As already mentioned, you must have a large device of the C-generation together with the AMScomsystem to use the storage space on the METRONOM C.

We recommend one of our large devices, the MEDISEND®super C or the MEDISEND®super III for your practice or clinic. Both can be connected to a computer - thus it is possible to use the MEDISEND®super C/III with the AMScomsystem for the application of magnetic field therapy and bioresonance.

If you want to transfer the BIOWAVES onto a carrier medium, e.g. physiologic salt solution or another aqueous solution, you will need the WAVE TRANSFER C with the AMScomsystem.

This device makes it also possible to convert substrates and remedies into digital files. Thus you are able to create your own BIOWAVEs.