The WAVE TRANSFER C is not a therapy device like the MEDISEND® super magnetic field devices. It does not generate a pulsating magnetic field. It is developed to transmit and copy bioinformation such as homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, Schuessler salts, nosodes, phytothereptics, etc. to a carrier medium.

Like its "little brother", the WAVE TRANSFER, the WAVE TRANSFER C can transfer information from the input MEDICUP to the output MEDICUP in analogue form. In combination with the AMScomsystem, the WAVE TRANSFER C can also convert the original analogue substrate into a digital wave file and save it in the software. A digitized substrate is called BIOWAVE. On the other hand, the WAVE TRANSFER C can also analogize such a BIOWAVE and transfer it to an aqueous carrier medium, e.g. physiologic salt solution.

If you would like to know more about the general features and the usage of the WAVE TRANSFER devices, go to the menu item WAVE TRANSFER/C. There you will find a detailed introduction as well as all information about the WAVE TRANSFER and the WAVE TRANSFER C.

Please note that only the WAVE TRANSFER C can be used for digitizing, storing and analogizing the substrates with the AMScomsystem software.

It is very simple to operate the WAVE TRANSFER C connected to the laptop with the software AMScomsystem. The following screenshots give a little insight into the use of the software. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

The start screen allows you to enter the Person- or BIOWAVE-Manager. To use the WAVE TRANSFER C device, select the BIOWAVE-Manager.

Types of transmission
On this screen you can decide what you want to do with the bioinformation. You can choose between

  • analog transfer (copy)
  • digitize and save as BIOWAVE
  • analogize and transfer it to a carrier medium.

Each of the transmissions takes only 15 seconds.

Depending on the type of transmission, one or two MEDICUPs must be connected to the in- and/or output of the WAVE TRANSFER C:

1. Copy
Copying is done from the original in the input to the carrier medium in the output MEDICUP. To do this, the WAVE TRANSFER C can but does not have to be connected to the laptop with the AMScomsystem. Two MEDICUPs are required.

2. Digitize
By digitization, the information of the original in the input MEDICUP is converted into a wave file and stored on the connected laptop as digital information (BIOWAVE) in the AMScomsystem. To do this, only one MEDICUP for the input is required.

3. Analogize
For analogization, the output MEDICUP must be connected to the WAVE TRANSFER C and must contain a carrier substance, e.g. physiological saline solution or another aqueous solution. The digital information (BIOWAVE) from the AMScomsystem is converted and transferred to the carrier substance. To do this, only one MEDICUP for the output is required.

For digitization all settings are preset – this way we ensure that every digitization is done in the same way.

In the case of analogization, the transmission of digitized substates to an analog carrier medium, you can choose various settings:


  • in phase (identical 1:1 copy) or inverse (reversed image) transfer onto the carrier medium
  • transfer time
  • amplification

The digitized BIOWAVEs are saved in folders. You can add your own folders or rename existing ones. You can arrange and sort the BIOWAVEs as you like.

It is known that by law more and more homeopathic remedies disappear from the market or have already disappeared.

By means of digitization with the WAVE TRANSFER C devices represent a possible way to remain independent of this development. They make it possible to secure the benefits of these resources for the future.

With the WAVE TRANSFER C, you can digitize, save and re-analogize all your substrates and remedies.

Furthermore, it is also possible to transmit frequency spectra from several ampules simultaneously or successively to a single carrier medium. Thus, you can compile your own specific complex remedies.

We also offer already digitized substrates, which you can purchase as BIOWAVE files and use for analogization. They are created from a large stock of substrates that you can transfer to a carrier medium with the WAVE TRANSFER C and the AMScomsystem.

Our range includes over 6000 BIOWAVEs in eight different extension packages. They consist of homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, nosodes, environmental toxins, phytotherapeutics, Schuessler salts and many other remedies. You find the complete product range in the menu point BIOWAVEs.

As already mentioned, the WAVE TRANSFER C is not a therapy device.

If you want to use and transfer BIOWAVEs in combination with magnetic field therapy in the sense of bioresonance, you need one of our magnetic field devices.

We recommend one of our large devices, the MEDISEND®super C or the MEDISEND®super III for your practice or clinic. Both can be connected to a computer - thus it is possible to use the MEDISEND®super C/III with the AMScomsystem for the application of magnetic field therapy and bioresonance.

The METRONOM C is especially suitable for home use.

It is possible to store BIOWAVEs as individual or complex remedies on our small METRONOM C with the AMScomsystem. To do so it is necessary to connect a MEDISEND®super C/III or a WAVE TRANSFER C.

The METRONOM C can be used for individual application at home. It has five selectable programs of different magnetic field frequencies. Each of the programs can transfer the stored information of the (multiple) BIOWAVE.