In addition to the combination of laser light and pulsating magnetic field, the field can also be used as a carrier wave for the transfer of bioinformation.

Thus you can use for example a homeopathic remedy or any other remedy with the application.

Any substance that you want to transfer can be easily filled into a glass ampule and inserted into the laser. For this purpose, the housing has a drilling which fits a glass ampule.

This can be either an ampule of 2 ml or any other vial with a diameter of 10 mm / 0.4 inches.

Thus the whole range of homeopathy and many other remedies can be used to individualize your application.



Due to its small size, the CEPES-Laser® can be taken everywhere without any complications. Therefore, it is particularly convenient to create yourself a remedy kit that contains all homeopathic and other remedies and substances you like to use with the laser. You will be able to do so with empty glass vials that you cap with a small plug.

The figure shows you an example how a small case for vials stores and protects them so you can take it with you and your CEPES-Laser®.

Empty glass vials for filling with your remedies you find here:

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Ideally you take advantage of using three application variants simultaneously:

  • laser light
  • pulsating magnetic field
  • substrate transfer

The substrate transfer is done with any of the selectable three frequencies (neutral, toning, sedating). Regardless of what frequency of the device you choose: Any frequency is a carrier wave and can be used for transmitting information.

Read more about this topic in the menu item Substrate transfer.


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