By pressing the colored buttons on the device, you can select one of twelve colors that you want to use. Each color is refers to a certain magnetic field frequency.

In the figure you see the color chart with the corresponding magnetic field frequencies (you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it). The colors shown correspond approximately to the generated colors of the MAGNETO-stylus.

The most suitable color/frequency for the application can be selected intuitively or can be determined by testing with tensor, kinesiology or other testing methods.

There are different ways to train and learn methods for testing. The AMS offers a tensor course once or twice a year in Germany, where you learn how to handle and use the tensor in theory and with practical exercises. The courses are held in German language. You can find the dates and further information in the category seminars.

As soon as you have selected a color/magnetic field frequency, position the MAGNETO-stylus onto the desired acupuncture point where you want to apply the selected color with the magnetic field.

This allows you to stimulate the acupuncture point without using needles.

The color-light intensity does not need to be strong in order to reach the response threshold of the organism. A light beam directed at acupuncture points is passed through the run of the meridians (optical fibers). At the same time, the effect of the light is enhanced by the pulsating magnetic field. The electromagnetic field reaches a depth of penetration of approx. 20-30 cm / 7.9 – 11.8 inches.



The COLOR-Punctur is not a medical device according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG). It can only have a positive influence on the ability to regulate and therefore does not serve to treat or alleviate diseases.

The COLOR-Punctur can be used for any type of acupuncture. Whether head, mouth, hand, ear or body acupuncture, as well as on head zones, trigger points, chakras and scars.

The COLOR-Punctur even can help to overcome  physical or emotional blockages.

Magnetic field therapy and bioresonance are used to support the body's ability to regulate. This means that there is no indication for which the application is better than for others.

If you would like have more information about the general application of magnetic field therapy, please read the section Magnetic field therapy and Bioinformative Medicine.

When you connect the hand electrode to the COLOR-Punctur using the blue cable, you can also use the stylus to detect acupuncture points.

Since the hand electrode must be held for this purpose, this function is more suitable for the application on humans. If the hand electrode can be brought into contact with the animal (for example, it can be slid in a bandage wrapped around a horse’s leg), point detection on animals also is possible.

Using the hand electrode as a counter pole, you can measure with the stylus the skin resistance. You can set the device so that it automatically starts the delivery of light and magnetic field as soon as you have found the corresponding acupuncture point with the stylus.

For this purpose, the sensitivity of the stylus can be individually adjusted - depending on the moisture of the skin surface, the stylus reacts slightly more or less sensitive to the acupuncture points.

Due to the point detection function, the device can be used for EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll):

In order to be able to do an electroacupuncture measurement, the COLOR-Punctur has an integrated LED-display, which gives visual and acoustic feedback on the skin resistance of the measured acupuncture point. This makes it possible to check the energetic state before and after application with an electroacupuncture measurement. Thus, in addition to other testing methods (tensor, kinesiology, etc.), there is another possibility to evaluate the energetic-physiological process.

The signal of the magnetic field can additionally be modulated with 1.6 or 3.3 Hz. Both frequencies give the application a soothing character.

The COLOR-Punctur can give an acoustic feedback for the point search as soon as the point is found. This acoustic function can also be deactivated.

The measuring sensitivity of the MAGNETO-stylus can be regulated to detect acupuncture points. This allows to compensate a very dry or moist skin surface for a consistent measurement.

Duration:You can program the duration of the application


Transfer of Bioinformation