"The little Ludwig"

The MEDISEND® is our smallest portable magnetic field device and offers different programs for the use for lack of concentration, exhaustion, meteorsensitivity, sleeping troubles, electrosenstitivity and more.

It is the first device with a pulsating electromagnetic field devoloped by Dr. Ludwig. It is sold on the market for more than 40 years.

Many customers call our MEDISEND® lovingly „The little Ludwig“ and don‘t want to miss this small device anymore. It is an everyday companion and is carried around everywhere in jacket and trouser pockets.

Stimulates the body's ability of regulation

Besides the different programs/frequencies you can select from, the MEDISEND® always also generates the Geomagnetic frequencies - regardless of the frequency you choose. In order to keep the MEDISEND® small and handy, it is built without the generator for the Solar frequencies. You find more information to Schumann, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies in the menu item Environmental signals

Use on:

  • lack of concentration
  • exhaustion
  • meteorsensitivity
  • sleeping troubles
  • electrosensitivity

offers nine different programs/frequencies, that you can choose from depending on the situation (see table on the backside). For the settings night / concentration / day / fitness you find two setting modes. Just try and see which one is the most suitable for you.

 shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. If you would like to enjoy the beneficial effect even longer without thinking of switching it on again (e.g. if you are heading for a long distance car journey or if you have to sit down for concentrated work or study), you can simply deactivate the automatic shutoff and your MEDISEND® runs continuously.

allows with the ampule holder (optional usable with the provided second back of the device) the  transmission and transfer of subtrats (e.g. homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers and more).
Read more about this topic in the menu item Substrate transfer

  • MEDISEND® with two batteries 1.5 V type AAA
  • second back with integrated ampule holder
  • three glass ampules
  • manual

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Our brochures contain additionally to the product details an introduction about magnetic field therapy and bioresonance on their inside pages. For a better readability and to be able to print out the pages, the brochure is available for download in two files:

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