Apart from the selectable fixed frequencies between 0.1 and 1000 Hz, all MEDISEND®super models also offer the option of setting a frequency scan. You have the choice between the following frequency scans:

  • 100 - 1 Hz
  • 1000 - 1 Hz

The frequency scans are often used to support drainage proceses or as an entry into an application cycle.

MEDISEND®super and MEDISEND®super C each have one magnetic field generator that produces the set frequency.

The MEDISEND®super III, on the other hand, has two of these generators so that even two frequencies can be used simultaneously. In this case you automatically work also with the sum and the difference of these two frequencies you set. You work simultaneously with four frequencies at the same time.

All three MEDISEND®super models offer the possibility of interrupting the magnetic field every five seconds. This gives the application a tonifying character.

In addition, the MEDISEND®super III has two additional settings that can be used to modulate the magnetic field to have a sedative character and for electrosmog sensibility.

With the MEDISEND®super and MEDISEND®super C You can choose between two steps of the magnetic field intensity. With the MEDISEND®super III you can regulate the intensity in nine steps.

As a standard applicator for MEDISEND®super and MEDISEND®super C, the MAGNETO-loop  has proved to be very effective. It is included in the price. The optionally available MAGNETO-ring is particularly useful for the use on large animals.

The MEDISEND®super III comes with two MAGNETO-directional inductors included in the price. Due to the arrangement of the coils their magnetic field is particularly homogeneous and it has a high density of field lines.

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