There are suitable accessories for the MEDISEND®super III, some of which are included in the delivery. You can also purchase optionally some other accessories.

In order to be able to applicate the electromagnetic field, an applicator has to be connected to the device. The MEDISEND®super III is the only device to connect two MAGNETO-directional inductors to. The MAGNETO-directional inductors generate an extremely homogenous magnetic field with a high density of the field lines.

In order to use the magnetic field as a carrier wave for bioresonance, it is possible to connect a MEDICUP and the hand electrodes to the device.

Both the MAGNETO-directional inductors and the MAGNETO-ring are included in the scope of delivery as applicators for the MEDISEND®super III.

The applicators are connected to the OUTPUT on the right side of the device.

The MAGNETO-directional inductors are supplied with two stands in different heights, so that you can position them individually according to your requirements.

The physiological range of the electromagnetic field emitted is up to 2 m / 6.6 feet in diameter when the directional inductors are positioned facing each other.

The MAGNETO-ring is a flexible applicator for large areas - it can be placed onto or next to the body. The physiological effective range of its magnetic field has a diameter of 2 m / 6.6 feet.

The MAGNETO-point can also be connected to the MEDISEND®super III as an applicator for small areas.

The emitted field of the applicators is neither visible nor audible. Very sensitive people sometimes feel something - but that does not have to be. Even if the magnetic field of the switched-on device is not immediately detectable, it still fulfills its purpose.

We consciously do without large and unwieldy mat applicators. The MAGNETO-loop allows you to realize various applications (whole body, local, lying, sitting).

Application lying:
When the directional inductors are placed at the head and foot end, the lean, homogenous magnetic field penetrates the whole organism perfectly - especially the spinal column with all nerve, blood and lymph channels.

It is also possible to place only one of the directional inductors onto or next to the body.

Application sitting:
If the directional inductors are arranged on the crest/buttocks or e.g. placed in the chest or lower body section, a lean, homogeneous magnetic field flows through the spine, abdomen, chest, shoulder and leg area.

The marking with the arrow symbol indicates the north and south poles of the directional inductors. Depending on how you align the inductors to each other (the same or opposite polarity), you can produce a homogeneous field that goes deep into the organism or a flat magnetic field with a high density of field lines.

In each of the two directional inductors, there are nine coils (see illustration). Each coil contains eleven structure-modified iron cores. Due to the structure modification, the iron cores contain the information of the Geomagnetic frequencies: 64 of the most important trace elements (see Environmental signals).

Due to the specific arrangement of the cores in the coils within each directional inductor, they produce an extremely homogeneous magnetic field with a very high density of field lines.


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