There are suitable accessories for the MEDISEND®super-devices, some of which are included in the delivery. You can also purchase optionally some other accessories.

In order to be able to applicate the electromagnetic field at all, an applicator has to be connected to the device, e.g. the MAGNETO-loop. The electromagnetic field comes out of the MAGNETO-loop. For the application, it is placed on or close to the body.

In order to use the magnetic field as a carrier wave for bioresonance, it is possible to connect a MEDICUP and the animal applicators/hand electrodes to the device.

The MAGNETO-loop comes as standard with the MEDISEND®super/C as an applicator for transmitting the magnetic field. It is connected to the OUTPUT on the right side of the device and placed on or beside the body for the application. The solar plexus is particularly suitable for this purpose, in the middle under the sternum.

The physiological effective range of the electromagnetic field emitted by the loop is up to 2 m / 6.6 feet in diameter. It is neither visible nor audible. Very sensitive people sometimes feel something - but that does not have to be. Even if the magnetic field of the switched-on device is not immediately detectable, it still fulfills its purpose.

We consciously do without large and unwieldy mat applicators. The MAGNETO-loop allows you to realize various applications (whole body, local, lying, sitting). It is handy and of robust construction. All of our equipment and accessories are suitable for transport, e.g. for home visits.

It is also possible to connect other applicators to the MEDISEND®super/C, e.g. the MAGNETO-ring (for large-area applications) or the MAGNETO-point (for small areas).


Transfer of Bioinformation