Two of our hand-held devices can be combined and used particularly well with the MEDISEND®super devices:

  • CEPES-Laser®Vario
  • METRONOM C (only in combination with the MEDISEND®super C and AMScomsystem)

It is connected with a cable to the MEDISEND®super/C and is used at the same time with the magnetic field application.

The CEPES-Laser®Vario

  • is a red-light laser which simultaneously emits a pulsating magnetic field in the frequency you have set on the MEDISEND®super/C.
  • transmits all exogenous and endogenous bioinformation of the INPUTs of the major device – i.e. all information provided by the MEDICUP and animal applicators/hand electrodes.
  • optimizes the simultaneous use of magnetic field and laser light to stimulate self healing processes.
  • is specially designed for the use on acupuncture points, trigger points, head zones, chakras, meridians etc.

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It is one of our handy hand-held devices. It is identical constructed to the METRONOM solar and easy to use.


  • Has five selectable programs to choose from: four fix set frequencies and an automatic frequency sweep/scan.

  • Has a storage space, on which a digitized single or complex remedy (BIOWAVE) can be stored. In order to be able to do so, you must connect it to the MEDISEND®super C with the AMScomsystem software.
  • Transmits the stored (multiple) BIOWAVE with each of its five programs to the magnetic field for application.

  • Is ideal for therapists to loan or rent it to their patients to make it available to them for home use. Some users buy their own METRONOM C, in order to let their therapist store the required information on it each time they have an appointment.

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Good to know:
If you buy with your major device at the same time a hand-held device, you automatically get 10% discount on the price of the hand-held device.

Technical data and Scope of delivery for MEDISEND® super / C