This decanter fits exactly to your water treatment unit spring-time®pro device. It is handmade and therefore unique.

The most important thing: The decanter is free from harmful substances and chemical additives!

The manufacturer Vita Juwel places high quality standards on the glass raw materials and avoids strictly all chemical additives. Although such additives would improve the shock and temperature resistance of the glass, you also always have a negative effect on the liquids that are drunk from the decanter.

For this reason, this decanter is not dishwasher safe. We recommend to clean the decanter only with warm water and occasionally with diluted vinegar concentrate.

The glass carafe is made in sheer manual work. All steps from the heating of the glass, through the shaping, to the fitting of the handle, are lovingly carried out as a work by a single person.

All factors such as glass temperature, glass blowing speed, cooling rate, or temperature in the production rooms have an influence to the final shape.

Thus you receive a single piece where no carafe is exactly the same. Higher tolerances, possible air bubbles in the glass or a different grain of the glass surface are attributes of a handmade unique.

The glass carafe is a customized product for the water treatment devices spring-time®420 pro and the spring-time®premium pro. Due to its dimensions, it can be placed exactly on the drip tray under the outlet tap and just as easily be removed again.

The exquisite decanter allows drip-free pouring :-)

The thicker glass provides a better shock resistance despite the fact that it is manufactured without chemical additives in the glass as described above.



  • Height approx. 23.8 cm / 9.37 inches
  • Inside diameter approx. 9.5 cm / 3.7 inches
  • Weight approx. 1.1 kg / 38.8 ounces