• Water purification by reverse osmosis
  • Energizing according to  Dr. Ludwig®

Tap water goes a long way until it reaches our domestic water taps. On this journey it loses a lot of its quality. Our water is often contaminated with lead, copper and other heavy metals and even with residues of pharmaceuticals. This is why reverse osmosis filters are in particularly high demand and enjoy increasing popularity. Due to their special filter technology they achieve an extremely high purification of the water.

is a water treatment device which works according to the principle of reverse osmosis. In addition to the reverse osmosis membrane, the device includes a pre- and afterfilter. The prefilter consists of two components: sediment and activated carbon. The afterfilter is a ceramic filter. This combination purifies the water of almost all dissolved pollutants. Furthermore the device includes some electronically controlled, semi-automatic processes such as desinfection and decalcification.

additionally has an integrated magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig®, which generates a pulsating electromagnetic field for energizing the purified water. As soon as the spring-time®420 pro is connected to the power supply, the magnetic field generator (comparable to our MEDISEND®) permanently generates the main value of the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz. Furthermore, with a worldwide unique method the frequency spectrum of the 64 most important trace elements (Geomagnetic frequencies) is modulated to the magnetic field and thus transferred to the water.

has a removable 1.8 l water tank which will be filled with tap water. After 10 min you get approx. 1.2 l freshly pressed water® in organic quality. This results in only about 0.6 liters of waste water collected in the water tank. This ratio is worldwide leading in the household sector. An integrated display for the molecular conductance ensures a constant quality control. The elegant design can match any kitchen by interchangeable front panels (aluminum or stainless steel look, black-silver and white). The housing is available in white or black.

operates with a built-in membrane pump to achieve the necessary pressure for the filtration process. The spring-time®420 pro is not connected to the water line, but only to an electrical outlet. With 230 Volt you can connect and operate the device wherever you are - whether at home, in a clinic or in the office. With its integrated 12V/ 24V access it can also be used in campers, yachts and abroad. In order to counteract the electrosmog of the power supply system, the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz is additionally modulated with 1.2 Hz - a frequency which has also proven its positive effects against electrosensitivity.

Scope of delivery:

  • spring-time®420 pro device
  • water tank
  • drip pan
  • drip tray
  • manual
  • warranty certificate
  • built-in magnetic field generator

The front panel of the device can be delivered in three different colors:

  • Aluminim design (standard, light gray)
  • Stainless steel design (slightly darker gray)
  • White

Please specify your desired color when ordering in the message box under the address field. If you do not specify your desired color, the front panel is delivered in aluminum design.

Not part of the scope of delivery:
Decanter to place under the tap. You can purchase it optionally.

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Below you can download the information brochure of the spring-time®420 pro.

The second download link leads you to a general introduction of magnetic field therapy and bioresonance. Here you learn more about the characteristics of Dr. Ludwig's magnetic field therapy devices. Such a magnetic field generator is also built into the spring-time®420 pro.

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