We offer two different WAVE TRANSFER devices - the WAVE TRANSFER and the WAVE TRANSFER C. The "C" - as always for our C-devices - stands for for "communication" or simply "computers".

The WAVE TRANSFER only duplicates the information in the analogue form. This means that it transfers the information of the original substrate inside the input MEDICUP to a carrier medium in the output MEDICUP and thus produces a copy.

Of course the WAVE TRANSFER C can do that too. Additionally it can be connected to a computer with the AMScomsystem software. If it works with the software, it does not store the information in an analogue form to an aqueous carrier medium but converts the information from the input MEDICUP into a storable information and stores it as a file on the computer. This process is called digitization. The file that is created this way is called a BIOWAVE file, or simply a "BIOWAVE".

With the WAVE TRANSFER C you can transfer these stored digital BIOWAVEs back to an analog carrier medium such as physiologic salt solution. This procedure is called analogizing.

In order to benefit from a large stock of digitized media (BIOWAVEs) which you can analogize again and save on a carrier medium, you have two possibilities:

  • Digitizing your own substrates that you already have
  • Purchase one or more of our BIOWAVE extension packages

The AMS offers you eight different BIOWAVE extension packages, which you can use with the WAVE TRANSFER C and the AMScomsystem.

Download the complete BIOWAVE catalog here:

You can choose from more than 6000 digitized substrates.