With the WAVE TRANSFER devices you have different possibilities to modulate the transmission signal:

1. Amplification
The transfer signal can be amplified in 12 steps to transfer the bioinformation to the carrier medium. Usually a transfer is done on stage 2 or 3. You can use a tensor or kinesiology to find out if you should amplify the signal.

2. Inversion
With WAVE TRANSFER devices, the information of the original substrate can be transferred and stored on the carrier medium in two ways:

  • in phase: in an identical 1:1 copy
  • inverted: in a reversed image copy

The inverse form is often used to support detox processes.

3. no potentialization possible
The WAVE TRANSFER devices are solely able to copy and store. As mentioned above, an inverted form of storage as well as an amplification is possible - but there is no way to potentize in the homoeopathic sense. In order to potentize a substrate, deluting and shaking the substance are necessary.

In addition to the modulation of the signal, you can also program the automatic shutdown for an exact transmission time. The basic setting for the transmission time is 15 seconds.

The WAVE TRANSFER devices are not therapeutic devices. That means that they do not emit a pulsating magnetic field like e.g. our large devices of the MEDISEND®super series. They are only useful for analog and/or digital duplication of bioinformation.

However, it is possible to use some of our therapeutic devices in combination with the WAVE TRANSFER devices:

  • It is possible to connect the WAVE TRANSFER to the large devices of the MEDISEND®super-Reihe and to the COLOR-Punctur. Thus their pulsating electromagnetic field can be modulated additionally.
  • It is also possible to connect a METRONOM C with the WAVE TRANSFER C in combination with a laptop and the AMScomsystem. This offers the opportunity to store a (multiple) BIOWAVE onto the METRONOM C. Thus this BIOWAVE can be used with the pulsating electromagnetic field of the METRONOM C.

You find detailed information to the WAVE TRANSFER devices here:



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