With the WAVE TRANSFER devices, you can transfer and duplicate frequency spectra of bioinformation to a carrier medium.

What sounds quite complicated is simply explained by an example:

  • You have an original, e.g. a homeopathic remedy that you want to transfer to a carrier medium, which can be an ampule containing a physiologic salt solution.
  • You need to have one input and one output MEDICUP connected to the WAVE TRANSFER or the WAVE TRANSFER C.
  • Place the original substrate into the input MEDICUP and the carrier medium into the output MEDICUP - in our example, the ampule of salt solution.
  • The switched on WAVE TRANSFER now transfers the information of the original data to the physiologic salt solution within 15 seconds.
  • The remedy is duplicated.

Thus you can transfer the information of any substance to a carrier medium.

The carrier medium does not necessarily have to be a physiologic salt solution – however, due to its composition the saline solution is particularly suitable as a carrier medium.

Further possible carrier media are:

  • Good (spring) water
  • Fabricated drops with a homeopathic mixture (e.g. “Metavirulent” or similar remedies)

It is water that has the ability to absorb and store information - thus for example non-drug globules are not very suitable as carrier medium. Although globules also contain the smallest amounts of water, which can also absorb the information, you should always use a liquid as a carrier medium if possible.


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