With the ampule holder the pulsating electromagnetic field of the hand-held devices:

  • MEDICUR®pro
  • METRONOM solar
  • MEDICUR®color

are not only used as an application signal but also as carrier wave to transfer bioinformation.

You can insert a glass ampoule (2 ml or any other ampule with a diameter of 10 mm / 0.4 inches) into the ampule holder. It can be attached directly to the case of the device using the provided longer screws.

You can find out more about the transfer of bioinformation here:

Substrate transfer

You find empty glass vials to fill yourself here:

Glass ampules

  • suitable for MEDICUR®pro, METRONOM solar, METRONOM C und MEDICUR®color
  • with suitable screws to attach it to the hand-held device
  • incl. 3 empty glass ampules

The ampule holder is part of the scope of delivery of the METRONOM solar, METRONOM C and MEDICUR®color.

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