The MEDISEND®super devices do not have preset programs. The frequency selection is set by the lateral rotary knob. The complete frequency bandwidth between 0.1 - 1000 Hz can be set.

Generally any frequency can be suitable and helpful to influence the body's regulation positively.

There are recommendations to use selected frequencies for different situations. According to experience, certain frequencies are assigned certain properties and characteristics.

Some examples:

  • balancing (7.8 Hz)
  • stimulating (33 / 20 Hz)
  • calming (3.0 / 4.0 Hz)
  • stimulating concentration (7.8 / 8.2 Hz)
  • relaxing (3.0 Hz / 1.2 Hz)
  • soothing in the case of electrosensitivity (1.2 Hz)

The manual for the MEDISEND®super-devices also contains a list with practical values based on experiences of different users. This list will help you to find an entry into the application of the different frequencies.

Although the list certainly is a very good help and usally effectual, it is advisable for complex problems to master a test procedure in order to be able to individually test which frequency is most suitable for the desired application.

You can choose the test method that suits you most. The most widely used test methods are:

  • Tensor
  • Kinesiology
  • EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll)
  • RAC (Reflex Auriculo Cardiaque - a pulse reflex test)

To find out with your test method which is the most suitable frequency, you proceed your test method in the same manner as if you would test e.g. a homeopathic remedy.

Set the frequency to be tested on the MEDISEND®super and start the device. As soon as the frequency is emitted by the MAGNETO-loop and the organism to be tested is in its spehere, check the reaction with your test method. As soon as you receive a positive test result, you have found a suitable frequency to use.

There are different ways to train and learn methods for testing. The AMS offers a tensor course once or twice a year in Germany, where you learn how to handle and use the tensor in theory and with practical exercises. The courses are held in German language. You can find the dates and further information in the category seminars.

You can use one or more frequencies for an application. Usually two frequencies are used consecutively for each application.

For the application, the MAGNETO-loop is simply placed onto or next to the body.

Usually an application takes about 15 minutes. This is, however, only a guideline - it is possible to choose a longer as well as a shorter duration of application.

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