The MAGNETO-directional inductors are applicators of a special kind. They can only be operated with one of our devices of our MEDISEND®super series for transmitting the pulsating electromagnetic field:

  • MEDISEND®super III

Only this device has sufficient power to supply the two directional inductors.

For application, the directional inductors are placed opposite to each other. A particularly homogeneous magnetic field is created between them.

For easier positioning, the directional inductors can be mounted on two tripods.

They are connected to the right side of the device and emit the pulsating electromagnetic field at the frequencies you have set on the device.

The magnetic field also transmits the endogenous and exogenous bioinformation via the MAGNETO-directional inductors, which enter the device due to the connected MEDICUP and the hand electrodes.

When the directional inductors are placed at the head and foot end, the lean, homogenous magnetic field penetrates the whole organism perfectly - especially the spinal column with all streams of nerves, blood and lymph.

It is also possible to place only one of the directional inductors onto or close to the body.

If the directional inductors are placed in the hight of the apex / buttocks or, e.g. in the hight of the chest or lower body, the lean homogeneous magnetic field penetrates spine, abdomen, chest, shoulder and leg areas.

The marking with the arrow symbol indicates the north and south poles of the directional inductors. Depending on how you align the inductors to each other (the same or opposite polarity), you can produce a homogeneous field that goes into depth or a flat magnetic field with a high density of field lines.

The emitted field has a physiological range of around two meters / 6.6 feet when the directional inductors are positioned opposite each other.

There are nin coils in each of the two directional inductors (see figure). Each coil contains eleven structure-modified iron cores. Due to the structure modification the iron cores hold the information of the Gemomagnetic frequencies - 64 trace elements (Environmental signals).

Due to the specific arrangement / polarity, they generate an extremely homogenous electromagnetic field.

The MAGNETO-directional inductors with two tripods are included with the purchase of a MEDISEND®super III.

  • Two directional inductors
  • Size 10 x 5 x 4 cm / 3.9 x 1.9 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight 600 g / 21.2 ounces apiece
  • Connecting cable 3 m / 118 inches
  • incl. one small and high stand, adjustable for height

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