BIOWAVEs - this is what we call all information from substrates that have been digitized  by using our WAVE TRANSFER C device. These can be homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, nosodes, Schüssler salts etc.

But why is it possible to create and save such BIOWAVE files? What exactly are BIOWAVEs?

Every human being, every plant, every remedy constantly gives its own characteristic vibration  spectrum to its surrounding.

Everything oscillates - this is due to the construction of our matter. It is nothing else but „condensed“ energy.

Thus, for example, every human being constantly emits his individual oscillation spectrum in a wide frequency range. This especially shows in the infrared range (thermal radiation), but even in the X-ray range there is a steady radiation due to radioactive potassium (40K), which is naturally present in the body.

All these oscillations / frequencies are measurable and thus also detectable.

Due to modern microelectronics, it is possible to capture and digitize frequencies of substrates (e.g., homeopathic remedies, nosodes, etc.) with the WAVE TRANSFER C device and store it as a so-called BIOWAVE on a hard disk.

Our body is not able to understand this information in digital form. For this reason, this digital bioinformation has to be retransformed into an analogous form, which is intelligible to the organism.

For this purpose it is possible to use the MEDISEND®super III or the MEDISEND®super C to modulate the information onto a pulsating electromagnetic field and transfer it to humans or anmials though appropriate applicators. This form of modulation can be compared with radio and television signals, which also transport information.

Another possibility is to transfer the digital information to an aqueous solution using the WAVE TRANSFER C and thus retransform it to an analogue information.

It is well known that more and more homeopathic medicines disappear from the market due to by law formalities. Digitization is a possible way to secure the benefits of these remedies for the future. 


BIOWAVE Extension packages