Laptop: Laptop with Windows 10, 15.6 Zoll HD screen    
Size: depending on model approx. 26 x 38 cm / 10.2 x 15 inches    
Weight: depending on model approx. 2.3 kg / 5.1 pounds    
Batteries: Rechargeable battery of laptop    
Scope of delivery: Laptop with Windows 10 and installed AMScomsystem, USB foot padel and "Starter package" (approx. 60 digitized BIOWAVEs), manual    
Warranty: 2 years    

By purchasing the AMScomsystem with a corresponding large device, you will of course receive training on how to use the software.

We usually do this via telephone. At the same time we have remote access to your laptop. We have already installed the required remote module on your computer.

This allows us to lead you through the application process on your own screen step by step.

The laptop is supplied by different manufacturers - so we are not fixed on brand or model. Our distributor looks for certain components of the hardware, which ensure a smooth interaction of the laptop with our large devices.

The computer-assisted handling of the BIOWAVEs is highly computationally intensive and much more complex than it seems. Therefore the device is opened by our supplier in order to check the quality of the installed components. In addition, he examines the system Laptop / AMScomsystem with an external test by pre-installing our software and checking it through various test runs.

Only after a successful examination the laptops are delivered to us. We pass them on to our customers - without surcharge to the purchase price.

The AMScomsystem software cannot be purchased without the laptop. We also recommend that our customers do not install additional programs on the computer with the AMScomsystem. The laptop should be used solely to control our software.

The installation of another program, which also uses the audio interface, may cause problems. It is possible that our devices can no longer be found by the computer and can only be operated again with the software if the settings are corrected manually. Worst case could be that our device is can no longer be operated at all. This means that the complete installation of Windows 10 and our software has to be done again!

Should you have any questions or a technical problem with the software, we can help you at any time with the remote maintenance module.