In order to understand the use of the AMScomsystem software with the MEDISEND®super devices, it is useful to first get to know the large devices MEDISEND®super C or MEDISEND®super III.

If you feel that you do not know enough about these devices and how to use them, we recommend that you first read more about the Large devices.

There you will get enough information about them - either in the detailed introduction or via the quick selection to the brief description of the respective large equipment.

Please note that you can only operate the AMScomsystems with the large MEDISEND®super C and MEDISEND®super III devices, but not with the MEDISEND®super (it does not have the interface to connect a computer).

In addition to the analogue transmission of exogenous bioinformation with the pulsating magnetic field of a MEDISEND®super device, the AMScom system also allows the transfer of digital bioinformation (BIOWAVEs).

The laptop with the installed AMScomsystem software is connected to the device via an USB interface and therefore all imported BIOWAVEs are available for application.

We offer more than 6000 digitized BIOWAVEs in eight different extension packages. They consist of homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, nosodes, environmental toxins, phytotherapeutics, Schuessler salts and many other remedies. You find the complete product range of our BIOWAVEs in the menu item BIOWAVEs.

To give you an insight into the use of the AMScomsystem software with a MEDISEND®super C/III, we provide you with some selected screenshots from the program that show the process of testing and using BIOWAVEs. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. In our sample screenshots, a MEDISEND®super III is connected to the AMScomsystem.



Start screen

The start screen allows you to enter the Person- or BIOWAVE-Manager. For an application, select the Person-Manager.

Personal data

Personal data
In this template, you select data from a person who has already been registered or create a new data record.

Selection for testing

Selection of BIOWAVEs
In order to test BIOWAVEs, make a selection from the available folders. Your individual composition is shown in a separate part of the template.

Marking the test results

Testing the BIOWAVEs
After starting the test module, the selected BIOWAVEs are transmitted with the pulsating magnetic field of the connected large device (MEDISEND®super III or MEDISEND®super C) to the person to be tested. The selected BIOWAVEs are transmitted one after the other. You decide when the next BIOWAVE is transferred.

You test the regulative reactions with a bioenergetic testing method of your choice, e.g. Tensor, kinesiology, EAV, RAC, etc.

In the current version 3.0 of the AMScomsystem it is also possible to save test that you have done for a person. This gives you the possibility to retest it in the next session. It is also possible to create test templates, which can be used over and over again by a mouse click for a quick test start.

With the included foot pedal, you can mark the substrates according to the test result without having to use the hands for the mouse.




Take over the BIOWAVEs for application
The positively tested BIOWAVEs are now taken over for the application.

Device settings

Device settings
In this screen, you can make your desired settings for the application:

  • frequncies
  • timing
  • modulation of frequencies
  • intensity

Current application

After you have made all settings, start the application. The selected BIOWAVEs will now be transmitted either all at the same time or one by one with the magnetic field of the frequency(s) selected. You can choose the duration. After the application you can save all data.

You can use the AMScomsystem software for many other processes and applications, such as:

  • creating application and testing templates
  • compilation of several BIOWAVEs into a complex remedy (multiple BIOWAVE)
  • printing the positivelz tested BIOWAVEs
  • and more

For questions and further information, simply contact us by phone or e-mail.


It is possible to save the positively tested BIOWAVEs on our hand-held device METRONOM C with the AMScomsystem. Thus the METRONOM C can be used for individual application at home. It has five selectable programs of different magnetic field frequencies. Each of the programs can transfer the stored information of the (multiple) BIOWAVE.

If you want to transfer the BIOWAVEs onto a carrier medium, e.g. physiologic salt solution or another aqueous solution, you will need the WAVE TRANSFER C with the AMScomsystem.

This device makes it also possible to convert substrates and remedies into digital files. Thus you are able to create your own BIOWAVEs.