As already mentioned, the CEPES-Laser® is often used for laser acupuncture. Simply switch it on and hold it about 1-2 cm / 0.4 - 0.8 inches above the point you want to stimulate. You can see exactly where the laser beam hits the skin and make sure you are in the right place.

A laser beam that directed at acupuncture points is passed on through the meridians - they work like optical fibers.

If required, you can also place the laser directly onto the skin in order to work more punctually - for this purpose you can use the plug in tip made of stainless steel that comes with the laser. Always pay particular attention to the cleaning of the parts that come in contact with the skin.

The CEPES-Laser® does not produce any kind of heat or warmth on the skin.



Optionally, you can use the laser beam bundled (0.2 cm / 0.08 inches) for a punctual application or slightly scattered/diffused (0.7 cm / 0.3 inches) for a wider application. You can adjust the beam’s diameter with a slide switch that moves an integrated glass lens in front or away from the laser beam.

Please note that the lens cannot be moved as long as the stainless steel tip is inserted. By using the tip, only a punctual application is possible.

Use the laser at the same points you would also select for the acupuncture treatment with needles. There is no place where you are not allowed to use the laser. You can use the laser even in the head and forehead region. It has a very low power of less than 1 mW. No protective goggles are necessary. However, keep your eyes closed when you use the laser in the head area.

In addition to the application on individual acupuncture points, the laser can also be used on larger surfaces. For example you can use it on an entire meridian on larger areas of the skin, chakras or scars.

For whole meridians or larger surfaces, use the laser with slow moves that travel over the selected area.

The CEPES-Laser® is also used frequently in neural therapy or segmental therapy, on trigger points or the corresponding (interfering field) areas.

The duration of application varies according to the number of points you have chosen and/or the size of the area. On average, the application takes about 20 seconds to one minute for each acupuncture point. Arrange your time for the application according to the number of points and areas you want to stimulate.

After one minute the laser switches off automatically. This is for your time orientation. You can switch it back on immediately and continue. It is not possible to overdose.