The MEDISEND®super III generates a pulsating magnetic field that is emitted by the MAGNETO-directional inductors.

A pulsating electromagnetic field has the ability to transport and transmit information. This is comparable to the radio waves coming from the television or the radio: Here, a transmission of picture and sound is transferred by a modulated carrier wave (e.g. FM frequencies). Within the sence of bioresonance according to Dr. W. Ludwig, the pulsating electromagnetic field is additionally used as a carrier wave for bioinformation. It is called transfer of exogenous (foreign to the body) or endogenous (body’s own) bioinformation.

In order to use this ability of the magnetic field, a cup - the MEDICUP - can be connected to the left side of the MEDISEND®super devices. The MEDICUP is divided into two halves so that each half is connected separately to the bipolar, symmetrical input (INPUT). This ensures that the transmission is free of electrosmog and other information. Only the information that has been put in the cup is transferred.

To transfer exogenous information, place the medication (e.g. any homeopathic remedy) into the MEDICUP. Use an ampoule or glass tube, the remedy can be in liquid or solid form. As soon as you have set a frequency on the device and start the application, the electromagnetic field acts not only as an application signal, but also as a carrier wave for the information that is inside the MEDICUP.

The transmission of information is independent of the frequency you choose:
Any frequency is a carrier wave and can be used for transmitting bioinformation.

Read more about this topic in the menu item Substrate transfer.

As with the selection of the frequency, it is also advisable to use a suitable testing method to choose the substrates that you want to transfer. As already mentioned, tensor, kinesiology, the EAV or the RAC test method are suitable options.

Endogenous information can also be transmitted with the pulsating electromagnetic field by connecting hand electrodes to the device. Via the symmetrical skin contact (right and left half of the body), the endogenous bioinformation is tapped/scanned by the hand electrodes and returned to the body in the form of "attention signals" in the sense of bioresonance.

Together with the MEDICUP, the hand electrodes are connected to the left side in the INPUT of the device. During use, the hand electrodes are held in either hands or are otherwise symmetrically contacted with the skin (e.g. pushed under the hollows of the knees).

Often we get asked whether the body gets information from the animal applicators/hand electrodes. But that is not the case. On the contrary, the animal applicators/hand electrodes are used to receive the information of the complete body biofield. This received information is modulated onto the magnetic field emitted by the MAGNETO-loop and thus returned to the body.

This means that the body "gets" its own information "from outside" during the application. Due to this attention signal, the regulation can be supported in an individual way.

The application of magnetic field therapy in combination with endogenous and exogenous information supports especially any detox processes.

You can buy the animal applicators/hand electrodes as well as the MEDICUP optionally as accessories.


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