For the MEDISEND®super-devices, there are a wide range of application possibilities. Without limiting yourself to specific applications, you can use them to specifically stimulate the self-healing forces of the organism.

Use the rotary knob on the MEDISEND®super to set the desired frequency, which you can either test with a suitable test method or take from the delivered list which is based on experiences from different therapists. Then start the device. The MAGNETO-loop is attached to the right side of the device and is placed on or close to the body to transmit the pulsating magnetic field. The physiological sphere reaches up to 2 m / 6.6 feet in diameter.

The devices are very suitable for transferring exogenous (e.g., homoeopathic remedies) and endogenous (body's own) bioinformation with the pulsating magnetic field and thus to use them during the application.

The power supply is provided by a rechargeable battery. With a switch you disconnect the device from the power supply. That ensures that no additional electrosmog is generated and transmitted during the application.

An application usually takes 15 minutes, longer or shorter duration is also possible. The MEDISEND®super devices have an automatic shut-off mechanism after 15 minutes. You can also deactivate the automatic shutdown to individualize your application time.

You can use magnetic field therapy as a stand-alone application or combine other regulative methods with it. For example, you can do reflexology during the application of the magnetic field or use the time for the duration of an acupuncture session. Here, the needles are placed first and remain for several minutes at the acupuncture points during the magnetic field application.

Before and after the application drinking plenty of clear water will help drainage and cleansing.

Set single frequencies:
The MEDISEND®super devices each have one frequency generator. The frequencies are set using a rotary knob. The frequencies between 0.1 and 99.9 Hz can be adjusted to a tenth - from 100 - 1000 Hz they are adjustable in whole numbers.

The harmonics emitted by the MEDISEND®super devices reach up to the MHz range. Thus the devices generate all RIFE and CLARK frequencies up to 10 MHz.

Frequency sweep/scan:
Furthermore, you have the choice between two frequency sweeps/scans:

  • 1000 - 1 Hz
  • 100 - 1 Hz

In these cases, the device runs through all frequencies within the selected bandwidth within approx. 8 seconds. The frequency sweep starts at 1000 or 100 Hz, passes through all frequencies down to 1 Hz and then starts again from the beginning.

Thus the body is offered a wide range of frequencies to stimulate the regulation.

The frequency scans are often chosen to support detox procedures or to start a series of applications.

Selection of frequencies:
You can use the provided list that shows you a lot of experience data to select frequencies. For complex questions, it is useful if you support the selection of the frequencies by a test procedure, such as testing with a tensor, kinesiology, EAV or RAC.

The AMS regularly offers a tensor seminar once or twice a year where you can learn how to use the tensor. The seminar takes place in the South of Germany and is held in German language. Dates and more information can be found in the menu item Seminars.

In addition to the different adjustable frequencies (among others it is always possible to set 7.8 Hz, the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum), the Geomagnetic frequencies and the Solar frequencies are always also generated by the MEDISEND®super devices - regardless of the frequency you choose.

You can read more about the Schumann, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies in the menu item Environmental Signals.

Magnetic field strength:
With the MEDISEND®super and the MEDISEND®super C you can set the intensity of the magnetic field in two levels. In position 1, the physiological range around the applicator is about 30 cm / 11.8 inches (60 cm / 23.6 inches in diameter), in position 10 the range is up to 2 m / 6.6 feet in diameter.

The MEDISEND®super models give the option of interrupting the magnetic field alternatively to the constant signal transmission. The interruption will be every five seconds. After five seconds of signal transmission there will be a pause of a further five seconds, in which the device does not emit a magnetic field. This gives the application a tonifying character.