If you are not yet familiar with the WAVE TRANSFER devices and the duplication of substrates, you can find out more about it in the detailed introduction.

With the WAVE TRANSFER C in combination with a laptop and the AMScomsystem, you can copy, digitize and store frequency spectra of bioinformation (e.g. homeopathic remedies) and also analogize them again.

1. Copy
The copying process is the same as with the WAVE TRANSFER from the original in the input to the carrier medium in the output MEDICUP. To do this, the WAVE TRANSFER C does not have to be connected to the laptop with the AMScomsystem. Two MEDICUPs are required.

2. Digitize
By digitization, the information of the original in the input MEDICUP is converted into a wave file and stored on the connected laptop as digital information (BIOWAVE) in the AMScomsystem. To do this, only one MEDICUP for the input is required .

3. Analogize
For analogization, the output MEDICUP must be connected to the WAVE TRANSFER C and must contain a carrier substance, e.g. physiological saline solution or another aqueous solution. The digital information (BIOWAVE) from the AMScomsystem is converted and transferred to the carrier substance. To do this, only one MEDICUP for the output is required.

The WAVE TRANSFER C has input and output connectors for input and output MEDICUPs. The delivery includes one MEDICUP (height 7 cm / 2.8 inches, diameter 5.5 cm / 2.2 inches). The MEDICUP consists of two separate cup halves of a special aluminum alloy. Due to its construction, it absorbs only approx. 1% electrosmog - thus the transfer of the information from the original to the carrier medium is almost free of electrosmog.

The WAVE TRANSFER is not a therapy device. This means that it does not emit a pulsating magnetic field, like for example our large devices of the MEDISEND®super series. It is only useful for the analogous and duplication of bioinformation.

A METRONOM C can be connected to the WAVE TRANSFER C with the AMScomsystem, in order to store a BIOWAVE on it. The stored BIOEAVE can be used with the pulsating magnetic field of the METRONOM C device.

transfers and stores analogue and digital bioinformation on carrier solutions or as a data file (BIOWAVE) on the PC using the AMScomsystem.

creates digital files of bioinformation (BIOWAVEs). These can be transferred to the pulsating magnetic field in combination with a MEDISEND®super III or a MEDISEND®super C for testing and application.

can use the AMScomsystem to store both individual and complex remedies as a BIOWAVE file. The complex remedies are called "Multiple BIOWAVEs".

can analogize the digital BIOWAVEs and transfer them to a carrier solution. This is possible in two different ways:

  • in phase: in an identical 1:1 copy
  • inverse: in a reversed image copy

offers the possibility to amplify the signals for transmission in twelve steps.

always generates and transmits the Geomagnetic frequncy spectrum of the 64 trace elements.

  • control unit WAVE TRANSFER
  • 1x MEDICUP (7 cm / 2.8 inches), diameter 5,5 cm / 2.2 inches for in- or output
  • connection cables for the MEDICUP
  • battery charger
  • USB connection cable for PC
  • connection cable for METRONOM C
  • manual

For analog transmission you need two MEDICUPs.

Not included in the delivery:
2nd MEDICUP, Laptop and AMScomsystem software. They are optional available.

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