Decalcification of the spring-time®420 pro unit must be carried out once a month.

For the descaling you find an organic decalcifier as part of the delivery that is sufficient for half a year. You get the organic decalcifier inexpensively in numerous supermarkets. But it is also possible to use other decalcifiers with the ingredients citric acid, lactic acid or malic acid. For the disinfection you need hydrogen peroxide solution (H2O2) 3%, which you can easily get in every pharmacy and in many drugstores.

  • Remove the front panel from the device (magnetic holder) and remove it downwards.
  • Unscrew the prefilter (left filter cartridge) by hand and pull it downwards.
  • Fill the water tank to the top with tap water (approx. 1.8 litres).
  • Add 50 ml of the descaling solution.
  • Put on the filled water tank.
  • Place a vessel under the water outlet. During decalcification no water exits, but the vessel is placed under the water outlet as a precaution. Only a few drops can exit.
  • Press the start/stop button for ten seconds. The display will show a counter that counts up to 5 seconds the display will show "REF". Please continue pressing the button beyond that. The counting process will then continue until 10. Next the display shows "FLUS". Please release the push button.
  • Now the descaling process begins - it takes approx. 60 min.
  • The device carries out decalcification autonomously and switches off automatically.

  • Caution: Health risk! Pour water out of the water tank and, if necessary, out of the vessel after descaling. Rinse water tank and vessel thoroughly. Place the vessel under the water outlet again.
  • After descaling, please do a normal water cleaning twice (fill the tap water into the water tank and let it run through as usual). This will rinse everything again. Please pour the water away each time (2x).
  • Manually screw the prefilter into its original position.
  • Reinsert the front panel.
  • The device is now ready for use again.