The process of reverse osmosis is easy to understand:

It is an extremely fine filtration process, in which water is pressed with high pressure through a membrane with ultrafine pores. The pores are so small that they can only get passed through by water molecules, by minerals in ionic form and by oxygen. All other, larger molecules are not able to pass through and thus do not get into the pure, filtered water.

The figure shows the ratio of size of possible pollutants to a water molecule.

The next figure shows schematically the process of reverse osmosis and gives examples of which pollutants are reduced up to 100% with the spring-time®420 pro.

The reverse osmosis provides an optimal cleaning effect, which is not exceeded by any other filter system. It separates the tap water into two components:

  • Pure, filtered water (pure water)
  • and the tap water remainder (concentrate).

Latter contains all substances that do not pass through the fine pores of the membrane due to their molecular size.

Not all water is the same. Pure, clean water has more capacity to absorb the body’s metabolic waste products in order to eliminate them through the kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs. For this purpose, it is helpful to drink pure water that is not contaminated with pollutants or other substances.

The ability of water to transport and excrete substances can also be hindered by dissolved minerals. To help cleansing and drainage it is best to drink water with a low amount of minerals. For the supply of our body we get sufficient minerals through a balanced diet. There is no reason to assume that reverse water can lead to a mineral deficiency – especially since the minerals dissolved in the water are not easily usable for the body. The minerals naturally contained in food are much easier usable and much more effective for the body.

In order to have optimal cleaning and transport qualities, the water should contain as little pollutants as possible. It should be still and contain a low amount of minerals.

The reverse osmosis process breaks the natural cluster structure of the water. In order to support the reconstruction of this cluster structure, it is important to energize the water after the purification. With the spring-time®420 pro device the water gets energized automatically during the filtering process due to the built-in magnetic field generator. It revitalizes the water by generating 7.8 Hz, the main value of the Schumann frequency. Additionally various swirling processes are integrated, which lead to an energetically high-quality, vital water.

For many years the worldwide recognized biophysicist Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig engaged intensively in water and its characteristics. He performed spectroscopic measurements to find out about the water quality. His biophysical results show:

Water has a memory. It can store information.

This information becomes manifest in the form of certain frequency patterns in the cluster structure of the water and can be passed on to other systems or organisms.

With the magnetic field generator installed in the spring-time®420 pro, the oscillations of 64 trace elements (Geomagnetic frequencies) are transmitted to the water in addition to the 7.8 Hz.

Dr. W. Ludwig's® devices are identified with the  arrow symbol. This symbol stands for generating an electromagnetic biofield as in undisturbed nature. The frequency spectrum of the 64 essential trace elements (Geomagnetic frequencies) is generated by a worldwide unique process.