Our new water treatment device spring-time®premium pro combines the advantages of the spring-time®420 pro with the enrichment of the water with hydrogen.

You know the reverse osmosis device spring-time®420 pro and want to go one step further? It is important for you to enrich your drinking water with hydrogen gas in addition to purification by reverse osmosis and energization by pulsating magnetic field? In this case the spring-time®premium pro is the right choice for you.

In principle, all information about the features of the spring-time®420 pro device can be transferred one-to-one to the spring-time®premium pro device. Please read all information about this under the menu item spring-time®420 pro with all its sub-items.

basically has all features that also apply to the spring-time®420 pro. The water is cleaned by means of a pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane and ceramic filter. State-of-the-art membrane technology removes up to 100% of all pollutants. The energization is done by a magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig® with the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum (7.8 Hz). (For detailed information please read the menu item for the spring-time®420 pro.)

enriches the water with hydrogen gas (H2) after the cleaning process. Thus it has an antioxidant effect and helps to neutralize free radicals and counteract oxidative stress.

due to its special water outlet tap, offers the possibility of purifying the water both with and without hydrogen gas (H2) enrichment.

has improved semi-automatic functions which facilitate maintenance work, descaling and disinfection compared to the spring-time®420 pro.

Scope of delivery (ready to use):

  • spring-time®premium pro device
  • water tank with lid
  • drip pan with drip tray
  • Collection container (collects condensation water/ozonated water)
  • Info sheet with important information before first use
  • Manual
  • Activated carbon block filter (for use if you have chlorinated tap water)
  • built-in magnetic field generator
  • one bottle of organic descaler (250 ml)
  • 100 ml disinfectant (H2O2) - for the first disinfection

The front panel of the device can be delivered in four different colors:

  • Aluminium design (standard, light grey)
  • Stainless steel design (slightly darker grey)
  • Carbon design (black with silver pattern)
  • White

On request, the front panel can also be supplied in light and dark wood design.

When ordering, please indicate your color preference in the message field below the address entry. If you do not specify, the front panel will be supplied in aluminium design.

Not included in delivery:

Glass carafe that collects the purified water. It is optionally available as an accessory.

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Brochure spring-time®premium pro

Below you can download the following brochures:

Product brochure of the spring-time®420 pro device
This brochure contains all important information about the process of cleaning by pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane and ceramic filter. All information given for the spring-time®420 pro device can be transferred one-to-one to the spring-time®premium pro device.

Expanded brochure for the spring-time®premium pro device
This brochure contains all important additional information on the spring-time®premium pro device, especially information on the enrichment of purified water with hydrogen gas by electrolysis.

You will also find a general introduction to magnetic field therapy and bioresonance - here you can learn more about the characteristics of Dr. Ludwig's magnetic field therapy devices. Such a magnetic field generator is integrated in both the spring-time®420 pro and the spring-time®premium pro.

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