Information brochure spring-time®premium pro

Below you can download the following brochures:

Product brochure of the spring-time®420 pro device
This brochure contains all important information about the process of cleaning by pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane and ceramic filter. All information given for the spring-time®420 pro device can be transferred one-to-one to the spring-time®premium pro device.

Expanded brochure for the spring-time®premium pro device
This brochure contains all important additional information on the spring-time®premium pro device, especially information on the enrichment of purified water with hydrogen gas by electrolysis.

You will also find a general introduction to magnetic field therapy and bioresonance - here you can learn more about the characteristics of Dr. Ludwig's magnetic field therapy devices. Such a magnetic field generator is integrated in both the spring-time®420 pro and the spring-time®premium pro.