In order for you to enjoy your spring-time®premium pro device for a long time, regular descaling and disinfection are necessary in addition to the semi-annual pre-filter change.

For water purification, three different filter systems are integrated in the spring-time®premium pro devices:

  • Pre-filter (sediment or activated carbon filter)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ceramic filter

The pre-filter is responsible for "the coarse". Right from the start, it filters dirt particles and the smallest pieces out of the water. In the course of time, it is clogged by the collected particles and must therefore be replaced every 6 months at the latest. You can order the pre-filters available for the spring-time®premium pro here:

Reverse osmosis and ceramic filters are cleaned and maintained by regular decalcification (monthly) and disinfection (half-yearly) as well as membrane flushing (see instructions for use). You can carry out all maintenance work for the spring-time®premium pro device without any tools.


The spring-time®premium pro device can be operated with two different pre-filters. Based on the drinking water quality of your place of residence, you decide which of the filters you use.

The following options are available:

  • Sediment filter (installed in the device on delivery)
  • Activated carbon filter (included in delivery, for tap water containing chlorine)

Please carefully read the instructions for use with the criteria that determine which of the two prefilter types you would like to use for your spring-time®premium pro device

Pleas note:

Since the procedures for prefilter replacement and for descaling and disinfection differ for the spring-time®premium pro device depending on the filter type, please select the according and appropriate chapter in the instructions for use and carry out the individual steps precisely one after the other.