Scientific Studies

Here you will get an insight into some studies on water purification and enrichment of water with hydrogen gas.If you have specific questions, please contact us e-mail.



Hundreds of studies prove that molecular hydrogen has therapeutic benefits and advantages. The following studies are provided here for educational purposes only. They are not published here to refer to any results or effects for people with similar or the same diseases or symptoms. The results obtained in these studies should not be taken as indicative of results that you may obtain. The studies only show potential results. There are no (clinical) protocols, drugs, natural remedies or techniques that are 100% effective. Every person is different and diseases are complex issues.

This study is the first scientific study conducted in vitro. It proves that hydrogen gas is capable of reacting selectively with the particularly aggressive hydroxyl radicals or making them harmless by reduction (in the sense of a chemical reaction).

After its publication in 2007, this study caused a lot of attention and has led to the publication of more than 1,000 studies dealing with this topic.

Until now, hydrogen gas in organisms has been classified as an inert gas. Inert gases are gases that are particularly unreactive and "reluctant" to form chemical compounds. Nevertheless, this review article from 2013 shows that the consumption of water saturated with hydrogen gas has, among other things, a high anti-inflammatory potential. According to this study, its consumption can be helpful in rheumatoid diseases such as arthritis.

In this Japanese retrospective study from 2013 was shown that the daily consumption of 2x 600 ml drinking water saturated with hydrogen gas significantly accelerated the healing of wounds (decubitus).

This "crossover" conducted double-blind pilot study had soccer players as test participants and was published in 2012.

By means of lactate determination after exercise it could be determined that the athletes who drank water saturated with hydrogen gas before the exercise had significantly lower lactate values and showed an improvement in muscle function.

In this detailed review article from 2016, the results of a large number of human and animal studies are evaluated, which cover a whole range of different indications. The lead author Garth L. Nicolson is an American biochemist who has developed a groundbreaking scientific model for the cell membrane known as the Fluid Mosaic Model.