With our control software AMScomsystem you can use digital bioinformation.

Examples for bioinformation:

  • homeopathic remedies
  • Bach flowers
  • Schuessler salts
  • nosodes
  • organ preparations
  • environmental toxins
  • and many substrates more

If these bioinformation are stored in a digital form as a file in the AMScomsystem, we call them BIOWAVEs. We offer you more than 6000 already digitized media bundled in eight different BIOWAVE packages. You can find more information in the menu item BIOWAVEs.

In order to be able to use the BIOWAVEs, a laptop with the AMScomsystem must be connected to one of our devices of the "C-generation". The C-generation includes:

  • MEDISEND®super III
  • MEDISEND®super C
  • METRONOM C (in combination with a large device of the C-generation)

The "C" stands for "Communication" - or simply for "Computer". The MEDISEND®super III belongs to the C-generation, although it has no "C" in its name.

The various devices serve different purposes as soon as they are connected to the laptop and the AMScomsystem:

With these two large devices, you can use the AMScomsystem to support the testing of suitable BIOWAVEs and using them during an application. The selected BIOWAVEs are transmitted with the pulsating magnetic field emitted by the devices:

AMScomsystem with MEDISEND®super III/C


With the WAVE TRANSFER C any substrate can be digitized, i.e. turned into a BIOWAVE and saved as a file in the AMScomsystem. If required, each BIOWAVE can be reconverted and transferred and stored to an aqueous carrier solution. The WAVE TRANSFER C is not a therapy device.

AMScomsystem with WAVE TRANSFER C


Our hand-held device METRONOM C has a storage space for a BIOWAVE file. It is possible to use this storage space to save the information of a single or a complex remedy. Therefore the METRONOM C has to be connected to a large device with the AMScomsystem. This stored digital information is transmitted with the pulsed magnetic field emitted by the METRONOM C.

AMScomsystem with METRONOM C

The AMScomsystem comprises three cross-linked functional areas:

1. Person-Manager:
Documentation and management of personal and treatment data.

2. Device-Manager:
Control of device settings and storage of treatment templates and programs. Also support for testing selected BIOWAVEs.

3. BIOWAVE-Manager:
Digitization (only possible with the WAVE TRANSFER C), storage and management of bioinformation as single and complex remedies in the form of so-called BIOWAVEs.

  • Laptop with Windows 10 and installed AMScomsystem, 15,6 Zoll HD screen
  • USB foot padel
  • "Starter package" (approx. 60 digitized BIOWAVEs)
  • manual

Not part of the scope of delivery:
Large devices of the C-generation and BIOWAVE extension packages. You can purchase them optionally.

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