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Our new address:

Hauptstrasse 26
D-97990 Weikersheim

Tel: 0049 - 79 34 / 99 34 89-0
Tel: 0049 - 79 34 / 99 34 89-0

Our E-Mail addresses stay the same


In order to meet the legal requirements, we give the following reference: The magnetic field therapy is scientifically disputed and by the conventional medicine is not recognized.

Welcome to Company AMS
Advanced Medical Systems

 Pulsed Elektromagnetic Fields, Laser, Bioresonanz, Regulation

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Manifold product palette from small devices up to large systems
More than 30 years experience!
Research - development - marketing
AMS / Institute for biophysics / Dr. W. Ludwig 

Supplier identification:
Advanced Medical Systems (AMS)
Represented by Dr. Frank Beck, the managing director,
Hauptstr. 26
D-97990 Weikersheim
Telephone: 0049 79 34/ 99 34 89-0
Telefax: 0049 79 34/ 99 34 89-44
Email: info(at)ams-ag.de


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Rheumatism and joint-pains, Diseases of the internal organs, Migraine and headaches,
Disturbed scars, Neuralgia, Pre- and postoperative dental treatment, Chronic pains, Insomnia, Lack of energy, nervousness, e-smog-sensitivity, Jet lag, Meteorosensitivity, Viruses, fungi, parasites, bacteria, Arthrosis, Psychosomatic disturbances and depressions, Varicose veins, Peripheral circulation disorders,
Phlebitis, Swollen arms and legs, Skin affections, Burns, Eczemas, Acne, Dermatitis,
Herpes Zoster, Psoriasis, Osteoporosis, Back pain, Coxo-arthrosis, Lumbago, Sciatica,
Menstrual troubles, Genitals inflammations, Menstrual pain, Renal pain, Muscular straining treatments, Tendonitis, Fractures, Sprain and muscular contusions, Sprains, Muscular pains, Dislocations, Collagen action, Vasodilating action, Skin and connective, metabolism improvement, Face wrinkles, Stretch mark

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