Members of the Beck family and Sparring Partner for the AMS company

All animals, which belong in the past and in the present to the Beck family, have always enjoyed the applications with the Ludwig magnetic field therapy devices. Some pictures show how relaxing it is to lay next to these devices:


Fussel used to enjoy purringly the magnetic field treatment of a MEDISEND®super device with the MAGNETO-loop on her fur:

Domingo used to stand relaxed under the practical saddle pad that houses a MEDISEND®super device, having a MAGNETO-Ring around his neck:

Domingo even had a favorite frequency: 43 Hz

With this frequency he could deeply relax. Our technician changed a MEDISEND® especially
for him so it only generates 43 Hz - the DomingoSend:

Miley likes to roll around a MEDISEND®protect, which is plugged into the computer or feels well on Taras lap, curled all up into the MAGNETO-ring, which is connected to the MEDISEND®super III.

As our office cat, Miley is also very diligent about her duties, checking our devices and accessories and keeping attentively "mouse-guard" on our packing-table.


After the work has been done, it is always good to relax at the favorite places in the office.

Pepper, one of the former cats of the Beck family, always kept an eye on our equipment ... well, that is, if he didn’t just keep a relaxed nap on his favorite device, the METRONOM C.

Sometimes we get pictures from our animal therapists - it makes us always very happy: