A special highlight that can and should be used with the usage of magnetic field therapy is the transmission of substrate information.

One of the characteristics of electromagnetic waves is, that they are capable of receiving and transporting information.

This means that additional information can be transmitted during the application with each of the selected frequencies.

Thus the electromagnetic wave can be used in two ways:

  • as the pure application signal with the chosen frequency
  • and additionally as a carrier wave with information to be transferred

It is the same principle as radio and television: A carrier wave is modulated, whereby images and sounds are transferred.

What is transferred?

Electromagnetic waves can transport both exogenous and endogenous information.

Example for exogenous information:

  • Any remedy or supplement that is effectful due to its oscillation pattern

Examples for endogenous information:

  • Saliva
  • Secretion

Each handheld device has an ampoule holder that can hold a glass ampule - this is used to be able to transfer information with the electromagnetic field. The substance that is put into the glass ampule is transferred with the magnetic field of the selected frequency.

It is possible to connect a cup (MEDICUP) to the large devices. It holds several ampoules at once. This allows to transmit simultaneously different information.

To transfer information with the electromagnetic field, the remedy has to be filled into an ampoule - both liquid and solid form is possible. It is not necessary to fill the entire vial completely - it is sufficient to fill only the lower part of the vial.

Some users create their own kit with glass ampules that they fill fill according to their own requirements (example, see figure). Thus, all most frequently used substances are always ready for use.