Magnetic field therapy and bioresonance

Are you looking for a magnetic field and bioresonance device for home use, whose qualities go beyond those of a small device? Then you have found the right page.

Our MEDISEND®super is an easy-to-use magnetic field and bioresonance device, which is often used in practices. However, you can also easily apply it at home.



Detailed introduction

Magnetic field devices? MEDISEND®super? How do I actually use that?If you would like to know generally about the usage of the MEDISEND®super devices, please read the detailed introduction by following the link below:


Quick selection

If you are already familiar with the usage of the MEDISEND®super devices and already know which device you are interested in, simply follow the link to the product below:

The MEDISEND®super is the standard version of our MEDISEND®super series. It is used both by therapists and in the private sector.

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