For the use of our two WAVE TRANSFER devices, there is no difference between the animal and the human being. For animals as well as for humans, substrates of all kinds can be transferred analogously and digitally and stored on a carrier medium.

Copy and store bioinformation

Are you looking for a device with which you can copy information and save it analogously or digitally on a medium? Then you have called the right page.

We offer two different WAVE TRANSFER devices, one of which fits your needs and is the right thing for you.

Detailed introduction

Copy organic bioinformation? Analog or digital storage on a medium? What is it and what is it useful for?

If you would like to know generally about that, please read the detailed introduction by following the link below:


Quick selection

If you are familiar with copying and saving information, you may already have seen and used a WAVE TRANSFER or WAVE TRANSFER C, and you already know which device you are interested in, simply follow the link to the product below:

Analogue transfer and duplication of bioinformation from original to a storage medium.

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Additional to the analogue duplication comes digital storage with the AMScomsystem software. Converting analogue information to digital BIOWAVE files as well as transferring digital information to analog media.

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