In our BIOWAVE Catalog you will find the complete content of all extension packages.

The different packages can contain both homeopathic potentized remedies and remedies
that have been digitized in their original form.

You find the specific potency/dilution for each remendy either in the headline and/or indicated
after the name remedies.

By using the software AMScomsystem you can choose the individual potencies to find out with your testing method the most suitable remedy and potency.

Extension packages II, III and IV contain BIOWAVEs whose potencies in the software are marked with „x2“, „x3“, „x4“ and so on. These bundled remedies in certain potencies are used for EAV testing (Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll). They are quantitatively different dosages that are used to achieve the right result in testing the remedies that was defined by Dr. Voll.