Colors and Magnetic field

By selecting the colors, you make the device generating a pulsating electromagnetic field at different frequencies. Use the MEDICUR®color to support regeneration and neurovegetative strength and to energize yourself.

Frequency selection

In contrast to our other hand-held devices, the selection of the program/magnetic field frequency of the MEDICUR®color does not depend on an assessment of the situation (e.g. energizing when being tired, calming anxiety or helping sleeping problems), but purely through an intuitive selection of one or several colors, which operate in the form of different magnetic field frequencies.

Each color generates a specific frequency. The combination of different colors gives the MEDICUR®color a bandwidth of 120 different frequencies that can be set.

The color selection has nothing to do with your favorite color - you can see that the intuitive selection of colors is always changing.

Of course, you can check and verify your selection with a testing method (tensor, kinesiology, EAV, etc.), but it has proved to be efficient to follow and trust your own intuition.

For usage you simply place the switched on device onto or next to the body, e.g. on the solar plexus or put it into your pocket - it is about as large as a package of tissues and has a physiological sphere of about 80 cm (31.5 inches) in diameter.

  • ability of regulation
  • neurovegetative strength
  • energizitation
  • energetic procedures

combines seven colors in the form of solar frequency spectra with a pulsating electromagnetic field. Each selection of a color generates a different frequency. The seven colors can be used individually or in combination (120 possible combinations).

has a positive effect on physical and psychological regulation and can be applied for psychosomatic and neurovegetative sensibilities.

optimizes popular energetic treatment procedures such as chakra treatment, color therapy and acupuncture.

generates different frequencies, amongst them the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum of 7.8 Hz (by selecting the color blue). It also always generates the Geomagnetic frequencies (Yin-Signal) and the Solar frequencies of the chosen color(s) (Yang-Signal) - regardless wich color you choose.
You find more information to Schumann, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies in the menu item Environmental signals.

transfers information of all kinds of substrats with the help of the included ampule holder. These substrats can be homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers and more. The electromagnetic field is used as the carrier wave.
Read more about this topic in the menu item Substrate transfer

  • MEDICUR®color with 9 Volt block battery
  • ampule holder
  • three glass ampules
  • Velcro® strap
  • manual

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Our brochures contain additionally to the product details an introduction about magnetic field therapy and bioresonance on their inside pages. For a better readability and to be able to print out the pages, the brochure is available for download in two files:

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