Computer work without worrying about electrosmog

These days it is almost impossible to avoid working on the computer, whether at work or during leisure time. If you cannot or do not want to keep away from it, but still want to help your body not to be disturbed by its negative influence, the MEDISEND®protect is exactly the right thing for you.

Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves have a fundamental function and importance for all living beings:

They control and regulate the body‘s „bio-currents“. If they get disturbed and interfered permanently by electrosmog, biologically sensitive control circuits can get out of rhythm.

Modern workplaces are full of electrosmog sources. We sit between computer, laptop, fax, telephone, copier and printer. We are constantly accessible, carry headset, cell phone and beeper, work under neon light, use energy saving light bulbs and there is a cell phone tower nearby. UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth ensure a fast data transmission - we are always online due to our flat rate.

Children and teenagers often sit for hours in front of their computer, at the same time chatting on their cell phones or a cordless phone, while listening to music with their earphones.

More and more people react sensitively to electrosmog . Colloquially we call it „Electrosmog sensibility“. A permanent electrosmog radiation can individually trigger different disturbances and discomforts. MEDISEND®protect can help you resist the disturbing waves.

Provides protection from electrosmog

The MEDISEND®protect looks like an USB flash drive and is the smallest magnetic field device in the world. It fits all USB interfaces and is thus suitable for every computer.

Its physiological sphere is approximately 80 cm / 31.5 inches in diameter.

You can use its beneficial effect both on your laptop and on stationary under-table devices.

It can also be used in the car or on different technical devices. All you need is an USB port for connection.

Usage for:

  • Electrosmog  sensibility
  • Concentration problems during  computer  work

The MEDISEND®protect...

is simply plugged into a USB port of your computer/laptop and generates an electromagnetic biofield as in undisturbed nature. Once you sit in front of your computer, you are automatically inside the field that is generated by the MEDISEND®protect. Your organism is oriented towards this field and thus no longer irritated by the disturbing waves of the computer or other devices around you.

 produces permanently a natural electromagnetic field with 7.8 Hz (main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum). The device also emits the Geomagnetic frequency spectrum at the same time. In order to keep the MEDISEND®protect small and handy, it does not cotain the generator for the Solar frequencies.
You find more information to Schumann, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies in the menu item Environmental signals.

is additionally modulated with the frequency of 1.2 Hz (nogier frequency). This means that the electromagnetic field of 7.8 Hz is interrupted by a frequency of 1.2 Hz. This frequency has proved to be very helpful for people that are sensitive to electrosmog.

only uses the power supply via the USB port - therefore no problems whatsoever are encountered with  other user programs on your computer or laptop.

  • MEDISEND®protect in metal case
  • manual

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Our brochures contain additionally to the product details an introduction about magnetic field therapy and bioresonance on their inside pages. For a better readability and to be able to print out the pages, the brochure is available for download in two files:

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