What is meant by magnetic field therapy / bioinformative medicine

Magnetic field therapy helps the body to regulate. It is not about curing a certain illness - we do not want to and are not allowed to claim that - but our devices generate bioenergetic oscillations, which help stimulating the processes of self-regulation.

The devices generate an electromagnetic field, which is transmitted to the body. The application is very simple: Depending on the device, either the connected applicator or the device itself is placed on or beside the body. The electromagnetic field penetrates the clothing and flows through every cell.

Different frequencies can be used. The intention for an application may be for example stimulating or relaxing or helpful for electrosmog sensibility. There are many other possible applications - as already described, it is all about the regulation of the body.

Our hand-held devices have preset frequencies, which are selected depending on the situation. The large devices do not have a preselection - they offer the possibility to set different frequencies in a certain bandwidth.

You will receive detailed information in the brochures of the respective products.

Electromagnetic alternating fields

The communication in our body takes place with the help of alternating electromagnetic fields, called biophotons. They have the function of a wireless information network, which controls the overall cell activities and provides the basis for bioenergetic self-regulation. The intra- and extracellular transmission of information takes place through biological resonance effects.

Biophotons or alternating electromagnetic fields are the most elementary interconnections occurring in the organism. They control the entire cell activity via biological resonance effects and form the basis for bioenergetic self-regulation.

The magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig generate alternating electromagnetic fields which crate biological resonance effects and thus stimulate bioenergetic regulation processes and activate the self-healing capacities. The devices work with weak, rapidly changing electromagnetic fields in the low and high frequency range (in harmonic waves up to 10 MHz).

Why a device by Dr. Ludwig?

What is special about the AMS devices from Dr. Ludwig?

It was important to Dr. Ludwig to develop devices that produce an artificial pulsating electromagnetic field that is as close as possible to the natural field of the environment. He wanted to make sure that the body was able to understand these signals.

That is why he has investigated thoroughly our environment with the fields that surround us naturally and developed magnetic field devices that simulate these natural frequencies as precisely as possible.

To this day, all of our devices are built according to the specifications of Dr. Ludwig. Thus they generate electromagnetic fields in different frequencies, which are easily understood by the body.

Please read further and learn more about Dr. Ludwig and what he paid particular attention to when developing his devices and how he incorporated his extensive knowledge into the development of the devices.

Pulsating magnetic fields

Pulsating magnetic fields have certain characteristics that we can take advantage of. Find out more about this in the following menu items:

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