Already in ancient medicine they cured diseases with so called “Magnetite” (natural loadstone). The principle was easy: Magnetic fields can improve the body’s ability for regulation. Thus they can contribute to stimulation of self healing processes.

One of the most important frequencies – if not the most important of all – is the principal value of the Schumann frequencies, 7.8 Hz. It is a neutral frequency, balancing and benefiting concentration. We call it the “well-being frequency”.

Double-blind study

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that was made in 2001 with Dr. Ludwig's MEDICUR® at King‘s College Hospital in London could prove a highly significant effect and pain relief and with the frequency 7.8 Hz on knee arthrosis. If you are interested you can download the study here:

Double-blind study Medicur®

Choosing a frequency

It is important to find a suitable frequency for the application. Generally any frequency can be suitable for application. Some frequencies have proven their value for certain  situations. For example there are stimulating or toning frequencies, whereas others are applied for relaxing.

7.8 Hz balancing well-being frequency
33 Hz stimulating electromagnetic coffee
3.0 Hz calming electromagnetic lavender
1.2 Hz relaxing helpful in case of electrosensitivity

With the handheld devices by Dr. Ludwig, different preset frequencies can be selected depending on the model. With each device it is possible to choose the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum, 7.8 Hz.

All devices additionally contain components which modulated and contain the information of the already described Geomagnetic frequencies, so that this information is transported with the electromagnetic field of each selected frequency.

Some of the handheld devices (MEDICUR®pro, METRONOM solar and METRONOM C) also contain two separate coils, which additionally provide the following frequency spectra at each selected frequency:

  • Solar frequencies
  • 2000 Hz (2 KHz)

The MEDICUR®color even generates the electromagnetic Solar frequencies in the different spectra depending on the selection of the color.

With the large devices any frequency can be set between 0.1 and 1000 Hz. In addition, the Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies are generated automatically.

Schumann-, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies are called the "biological normal". The exact description for these frequencies can be found in the menu item environmental signals.

Transfer of information

One of the characteristics of electromagnetic waves is their ability to receive and transport information. So our device’s electromagnetic waves can be used solely as the pure application signal in the chosen frequency and additionally as a carrier wave. As a carrier wave it can transport exogenous (e.g. homeopathic remedies) as well as endogenous (body’s own) information.

For this purpose the handheld devices have an ampule holder. Major devices offer the possibility
to connect a beaker (MEDICUP) for the transfer of information / substrate transients.

For information on how substrates and information are transferred, read:

Substrate transients