Many therapists know and use lasers that can be applied to acupuncture points. However, our CEPES-Laser® and the CEPES-Laser®Vario have more than just laser light and thus offer other possible applications than only laser acupuncture.

Of course it is helpful if you know and are able to locate acupuncture points or at least know where the meridians run. However, the CEPES-Laser® and the CEPES-Laser®Vario are also applicable and useful without this knowledge. Other possible applications are whole skin areas, trigger points, chakras, scars and more.

The switched-on laser emits a pulsating magnetic field simultaneously to its red laser light. You cannot see or hear the magnetic field. Very sensitive people sometimes feel something - but that does not have to be. Even if you do not immediately notice the magnetic field of the switched-on device, it still fulfills its purpose.

You find more information on the usefulness of pulsating electromagnetic fields in the menu item Magnetic field therapy and Bioinformative Medicine.

In the following introduction we refer to the CEPES-Laser®, not to the CEPES-Laser®Vario. But have in mind that there are only a few differences between the CEPES-Laser® and the CEPES-Laser®Vario. They have the same application areas and a similar operation. The CEPES-Laser®Vario can only be used in combination with a MEDISEND®super device. For further details please read the product description of the CEPES-Laser®Vario.


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