With the MEDISEND®super C, it is possible to use not only analogue but also digitized substrates for the exogenous transmission of information. We developed the software AMScomsystem and digitized more than 6000 substrates and remedies (homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, nosodes, phytotherapeutics, etc.). These digitized substrates we call BIOWAVEs, which we have bundled into different packages.

 more information about BIOWAVEs

With our BIOWAVE extension packages, you can assemble a "virtual box" with various substrates and remedies.

In order to use the BIOWAVEs, you will get from us a laptop with the AMScomsystem software. In addition to the module containing all the BIOWAVEs you have chosen, the software also has a module that allows you to save all personal data and application details.

With the included testing module, you can select the desired BIOWAVEs before an application and test them one after another using a testing method of your choice (tensor, kinesiology, EAV, RAC, etc.) to determine whether they are suitable for the particular situation.

You control your MEDISEND®super C using the computer and the selected BIOWAVEs are transferred with the electromagnetic field as exogenous bioinformation.

You find more information about the software in the following menu item:

AMScomsystem / BIOWAVEs

Important to know:
If you want to leave yourself the opportunity using a computer in the future but do not want to buy it right away, you should invest in the MEDISEND®super C. You can also use the MEDISEND®super C without the computer, just like the MEDISEND®super.

When you are ready to use the computer with the AMScomsystem and the BIOWAVEs, we will set up everything for your MEDISEND®super C and you can connect your computer to your own device.

Of course with the purchase of the AMScomsystem you get a training on the use of the software.

However, if you are sure that you do not want to use a computer with digitized bioinformation ever, you can also purchase our MEDISEND®super. It has exactly the same features and options as the MEDISEND®super C, but does not have the interface that connects the computer with the control software AMScomsystem.

Please note:
The MEDISEND®super cannot be retrofitted with an interface for the computer connection.


Combination with hand-held devices