The METRONOM C is kind of a twin brother of our METRONOM solar device.

With its five programs

  • frequency scan with Zapper functionality
  • 33 Hz, stimulating
  • 7.8 Hz, balancing   
  • 3.0 Hz, relaxing
  • 1.2 Hz for electrosensibility

it has exactly the same application possibilities as the METRONOM solar.

Read more in the detailed information brochure about the METRONOM solar.

You can see from the illustration that the two METRONOM devices are identical except for the green WAVE button in the middle of the METRONOM C device.

The METRONOM C is part of the C-Generation of the AMS magnetic field devices. The C-generation includes all devices which can be connected to a computer and thus to our AMScomsystem software. The "C" stands for "Communication" or simply "Computer". Apart from the METRONOM C, the MEDISEND®super III / MEDISEND®super C and the WAVE TRANSFER C are also included. These are devices are usually used by therapists in practices and clinics.

The only difference to the METRONOM solar is that it has a memory space where you can store digital bioinformation (BIOWAVEs) in the form of single or complex remedies.

In order to be able to use the storage space of the METRONOM C device, it is necessary to connect it one of the large devices of the C-generation in combination with the computer and the AMScomsystem software.

It is thus possible to transfer digitized spectra (BIOWAVEs) as single or complex remedy to the METRONOM C and to store it there.

This stored digital information (BIOWAVE in the form of single or complex remedy) is transmitted with the pulsed magnetic field with each of its five programs by pressing the green WAVE button.



For more information on all C-generation devices, AMScomsystem and the BIOWAVEs, please click the following links:




AMScomsystem / BIOWAVEs

Some therapists who have one of the large devices of the C-generation in combination with the AMScomsystem software and BIOWAVEs, provide their patients with a METRONOM C device for home use. They store the (multiple) BIOWAVE information used in the application onto the small device for them to use.

This can be for loan or rent with a fee to pay. There are no rules for this - every therapist has his own concept.

There is also the possibility that you will give your patients a recommendation for purchasing this (or another) device. If someone purchases a device on your recommendation, you get of course a commission. Please contact us if you need more information.

If someone is looking for a suitable therapist, he often lands on our website. If you would like to work with one of our devices and would like to be listed on our list of therapists, please send us your contact details (name, address, phone number, e-mail address and web address of your homepage).


The METRONOM C can also be used without digitized information by transmitting analogous information using the supplied ampule holder, just like the METRONOM solar. The magnetic field is also used as a carrier wave.

Read more about this topic in the menu item Substrate transfer.

  • METRONOM C with 9 Volt block battery
  • ampule holder
  • three glass ampules
  • Velcro® strap
  • manual

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Our brochures contain additionally to the product details an introduction about magnetic field therapy and bioresonance on their inside pages. For a better readability and to be able to print out the pages, the brochure is available for download in two files:

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