Our website is divided into three different areas - you will find products and information for:

  • Private individuals - Devices for home use
  • Therapists - Devices for therapists
  • Veterinary practitioner - Devices for animal therapists

When we renewed our website, we wanted to provide the English information as soon as possible. So we decided even though we are not ready with the translation for the whole website, we still want you to be able to surf our English sites.

The sections Devices for home use as well as Devices for animal therapists are not finished with all the translations yet. But you find all information also in the section Devices for therapists.

Private individuals
The focus of this category is set on the small devices for home use. Of course, you will also find suitable accessories and other products such as our water treatment device and more.

The main focus of this category is set on the large practice devices, especially our MEDISEND®super series. You will also find devices for copying, digitizing and storing substrates as well as accessories and more.

Animal therapists
Our category for animal therapists differs only slightly from that for human therapists. It is basically the same devices and procedures. However, there are some indications or additional parts which are particularly suitable for application to animals.