The artificially generated magnetic field must neither exceed nor undercut a certain intensity.

In order to make the body understand the electromagnetic wave produced by the device, it is important to reach the "physiological response threshold".

It is important to reach the „physiological respond threshold“. It is like listening to music. When we put the volume completely down and raise the volume slowly, there comes the point when we can hear the music. This is reaching the “physiological respond threshold” – we can hear, we can understand.

Louder is not better!

If we turn the volume up a little more, it will be even better. Even a little louder will make the understandablility a little better. But at some point the volume is just too loud. It is more than enough, will be more and more uncomfortable and soon will be unbearable. As always in life: „more is not always better“.

Same here with the electromagnetic field. After reaching the physiological respond threshold due to a certain intensity the body can understand the oscillation. With more intensity, the effect increases for a while goes through a maximum and than decreases until it stops completely.

There was some experimental research of the american physisist Prof. Adey. He found that a positive physiological effect of magnetic fields can be proved even with a weak field strength.

He measured the influx of calcium iones in chick eggs which is a physiological process under the influence of an increasing intense of electromagnetic waves.

As a result he found that a certain amount of intensity is required to positively support the inflow of Ca ++ ions - reaching the physiological response threshold.

As the intensity of the magnetic field increased, the inflow of Ca ++ ions into the chicken eggs also increased. After reaching a maximum, the effect decreased again, until it came to a complete halt due to an even more increasing intensity of the magnetic field.

This intensity range of the positive influence by the magnetic field is called the "Adey window".

Therefore, the following applies to magnetic field therapy:

The physiological response threshold must be reached - a higher intensity may even have a counterproductive effect. Therefore, the magnetic field strength of the devices developed by Dr. Ludwig is at a low 0.2 - 20 μTesla.

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