Many years ago, at the request of the journal “raum & zeit”, Dr. Ludwig personally wrote this vita. We can therefore assume that he considered these "life stations" to be important.

Ultimately, the Vita says very little about the person, the personality and the actual work of Dr. Ludwig.


1927 born in Bautzen
1943-45 Electronic work at the TH Dresden
1947 A levels in Bayreuth
1949-52 Employee at the Institute of Vibration Technology, Darmstadt
1955-58 Studies of physics TU Berlin
1958-61 Diploma thesis with Prof. Dr. Mecke: Construction of a dipole meter
1961 graduate physicist
1961-68 Scientific assistant at the Institute for Electrical Materials, Freiburg im Breisgau
1964-67 Medical doctoral thesis University of Freiburg im Breisgau, influence of electromagnetic signals on the nervous system
1967 Conferral of a doctorate magna cum laude University Freiburg im Breisgau
1968-74 Development work in the pharmaceutical industry
1974-82 Employee of Prof. Dr. med. H.-U. Riethmüller, Tübingen
from 1974 Development of medical therapy devices
1982-89 Free consultancy in the field of naturopathy
from 1984 Own spectroscopic laboratory
1989-93 Free employee of the environmental center Schloss Türnich in the technology center Horb am Neckarab 1993
2004 Died in Sinzheim near Baden-Baden