Dr. Ludwig - Arrow symbol

The devices that are developed by Dr. Ludwig are identified with the arrow symbol.

This symbol stands for generating an electromagnetic biofield as in undisturbed nature.

We offer a wide product range of different small and large devices, all based on the technology of Dr. Ludwig.

Following criteria are met:

  • Taking account of the quality features:

    • The Signal form is according to the transmission of nerve impulses
    • Depending on the device, the intensity of the emitted magnetic field ranges between 0.2 - 20 μTesla.

  • All devices provide a selection of different frequencies - either due to preset programs for the small devices or the complete range of 0.1 - 1000 Hz for the large devices. Furthermore, all devices generate the Geomagnetic frequencies and a large part of the devices generate additionally the Solar frequency and furthermore 2000 Hz (2 KHz).
  • Each of the devices can be used for substrate transients of exo- and endogenous information due to its pulsating electromagnetic field.