Many know and love their CEPES-Laser® more than over 20 years – some practices, clinics, home remedy kits and handbags would be unimaginable without it.
Our customer‘s feedback showed to us, which feachures are still desired and what we could still improve. Since September 2015 we sell our new model of the CEPES-Laser®.

Of course also the new CEPES-Laser® unites the established combination of:   

  • Red light
  • Pulsating electromagnetic field
  • Transfer of information/substrates

Besides the three different frequencies you can select from, theCEPES-Laser®  always also generates the Geomagnetic frequencies - regardless of the frequency you choose. In order to keep the CEPES-Laser® small and handy, it is built without the generator for the Solar frequencies.

You find more information to Schumann, Geomagnetic and Solar frequencies in the menu item Environmental signals.

Appication on:

  • Acupuncture points
  • Meridians
  • Skin aras
  • Trigger points
  • Chakras
  • Scars and more

The CEPES-Laser® is the only laser that combines magnetic field therapy with laser light. That makes it more than just a simple acupuncture laser. Therefore it can also be applied in many other fields beyond laser acupuncture.

works with red laserlight. You can adjust the beam‘s diameter with a slide switch to either approx. 0.7 or 0.2 cm (approx. 0.28 or 0.08 inches).

generates a pulsating electromagnetic field. 

          You can chose three different frequencies:

  • 7.8 Hz – the well-tried and proven balancing principal value of the Schumann frequencies
  • 33 Hz – for stimulating application respectively to tone an acupuncture point
  • 3.0 Hz – for relaxing application respectively to sedate an acupuncture point

has two setting modes:

  • steady light with a continuous electromagnetic field
  • light and magnetic field are interrupted by a frequency of 1,2 Hz (Nogier frequency)

is applicable to acupuncture points, meridians, skin areas, chakras, scars and more. It has also good effects for pain relive - simply work with the laser on the affected area.

can be used for substrate transfer. You can either work solely with one of the three frequencies or you use additionally the drill hole in the laser housing to insert an ampoule for substrat transients. This way you can easily transfer the information of for example homeopathic remedy or other substrats. For transferring the information the main carrier is the the pulsating electromagnetic field.    
Read more about this topic in the menu item Substrate transfer.

has a plug in tip made of stainless steel for better positioning on acupuncture points. More-over, it is useful to get through the fur of animals for treatment.

  • CEPES-Laser® with two batteries, type AAA
  • plug in tip
  • case
  • three glass ampules
  • manual

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